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Corporate Social Reponsibility

Health &Safety

The Cleaning Group is committed to Health and Safety and has attained OHSAS certification and ISO9001 status. We are committed to conducting our business in ways that provide all our employees with a safe and healthy work environment. We undertake a systematic approach to our corporate responsibility and this ethos is interwoven throughout our company. All health and safety undertakings and assessments are completely prior to work being conducted. We work closely with the Health and Safety Executive to review our policies and procedures throughout the company on a regular basis integrating all new regulations into policy as they become effective.

Cleaning Group employees undertake full health and safety training as part of their induction and training process upon commencement with the company. Our operatives all take part in any Site inductions provided by our clients on their premises to supplement the training we provide. All staff will be provided with Health and Safety documentation which they will review and sign to formally record their understanding upon the completion of training. This demonstrates they have been read and understood all documents provide as is the case with the induction and training process.

Environmental Policy

We are committed to constantly looking for new and innovative ways to offset and reduce our carbon footprint. We are committed to providing assistance to tour clients in meeting their environmental responsibilities and working closely with our customers, suppliers and contractors to achieve this aim. Our goal is to constantly strive to further our commitment to operating in a responsible and sustainable manner in order to protect people and the environment.

We are delighted to be currently working towards achieving our ISO 14001 certification for environmental management. We actively promote environmentally friendly policies and practices throughout our company and welcome suggestions from employees and clients alike that may help us achieve further progress. We aim to ensure that when conducting our operations we comply with and/or exceed the regulatory controls and codes of practice where they are available. In the absence of regulatory guidance, codes of practice or controls we carry out all works in a responsibly in order to prevent pollution and environmental impact.

We ensure that we continue to evaluate best practice of operations and the implementation of new technology to reduce energy use wherever possible and/or appropriate. We aim to restrict and conserve natural resources by effective method management. This ensures all staff are aware of our responsibility to the environment minimising energy use, waste and recycling methods where they are appropriate. We wish to give due consideration to our carbon footprint by measurement where possible and then ensure review of this measurement year in order to ensure its reduction.

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